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Kenpachi Tigressa by Kite2014

Name: Kenpachi Tigressa (Raquel Guerrera)
Age: 223 (Has the Appearance of 25-26 Year old)
Birthday: 5/05
Sex:  Female
Species: Shinigami
Race: Latina
Nationality: Mexican
Sexual Preference: Bisexual 
Relationship: None


Significant Other:

Known Family: Eduardo Guerrera “Latino Heat”- Unknown

Friends: Ariya Shutomaru - A friendly rival, Naoya Kitamura- One of her friends.

----Professional Information----

Gotei 13
Rank/Class/Type: Captain of squad 11
Former rank: Former member of the Executive Militia of the Onmitsukidō, Former third seat of Squad 11.

Partner: As of now no one.


Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135 Ilbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, wavy through her mask, long



--Has a bit of a six pack

--Light dark skin.

Distinguishing features:
--She wears a black and gold luchadora mask.
--Her special cut captains haori.

--Her eyes always have that look of determination in them as she is always willing to fight.

-Underneath her uniform she has a black tight bodysuit in which is cut like a turtle neck around her neck, but has a golden design on it.

-On top of that she wears a uniform based off of a Vietnamese Cheongsam which is cut at the sides to her hips and is kept together with a long golden cloth used a belt.

-She wears a custom cut captain haori in which anything hanging is behind her and resembles something like a coat a wrestler would wear to the ring with a white hood. On the back of it is the symbol for Squad 11.

-On both of her arms are white detached sleeve with golden edges. Wrapped around the detached sleeves is a black forearm guard.

-She wears a black luchador’s mask with gold designs on it one going from the top of her head down to her nose.

-Wears thigh high white boots with a black outline at the top, black laces, and greyish heel and sole of the boots.

--She wears her zanpakuto on her back but tends to put it to the side so she can fight hand to hand.


--Tigressa is seen as a determined, upbeat, and cheerful woman. She is known as the hardworking training crazy woman of the Seireitei. She also likes getting into hand to hand combat with anyone. Even though she might seem a bit of a brute because of her willingness to fight she is quite smart and cunning in a conversation. She tends to be a woman of action, meaning she likes getting into combat and plans better on the go then ahead.

As Captain:


--Tigressa is a hard and stern leader and all members of squad 11. She makes sure they do all of their training and sparring sessions, making sure that they are all ready for a battle. She will help those who seem weaker than the others, wanting to make sure that they can keep fighting.


With others:

--Tigressa is a kind hearted woman who wants to see the best out of everyone, even if they do not believe in it themselves Kenpachi Tigressa always sees the best in them. She is always trying to motivate those who need it and is willing to help them any way that she can. She will always be accepting on helping someone train if they would like and even offers it to them. But never try to take her mask off, if you dare to do so Tigressa will attack you no matter how old or young you are.


--Tigressa is known to take fighting seriously, even though she does enjoy it you will always see a serious look on her face. She tends to use her usual supierior strength and speed against her opponent with being able to hit hard, lifting them up and slamming them, and keeping them on her toes by her fast movements. She almost exclusively fights hand to hand but doesn’t mind if her opponent would rather draw their blade then face her hand to hand but then again her fighting ability is amazing.

Major quirks/habits

--Loves working out and training.


--When she is upset with her subordinates she will lock them or slam them in different wrestling moves her favorite to lock people in is known as The Lasso From El Paso A move her father had taught her.

--She will automatically go to lock a submission hold on ANYONE who tries to grab at her mask because she does not want anyone taking it off. Its almost as if she has a sixth sense when anyone tries to take her mask off.


--Will always start off a battle hand to hand and never with her zanpakuto unless she really needs it.


--Will always go to make the first move in a fight.

Speech mannerisms

--She has a strong Latina accent.

--Tries not to curse as much but sometimes it slips out.



Tigressa was born in the Rukongai in the 64 th district with her father who was the then disgraced former shinigami by the name of Eduardo Guerrera and her mother who he had actually met while he was alongside the shinigami. Her father was known as one of the best trainers at the Shinōreijutsuin and was an instructor for Zanjutsu and two special Taijutsu styles known Lucha libre and Puroresu in which not many were taught in these styles. Her father was disgraced when he was accused of actually stealing from one of the clans. Since it was one of the higher ranking clans they knew he had to be punished no matter if he did it or not, so it would not cause problems so they stripped him of his rank and job and banished him from ever stepping foot in the Shinigami Academy again. Tigressa never knew of this while growing up. Besides that her life with her family was very enjoyable. During this time her father taught her all he knew about Lucha Libre and Puroresu, becoming a master of them at a young age, her father could not of been prouder of his daughter. But when she showed interest of joining the ranks of Shinigami Academy he feared that they would turn her down for what he was accused of in the past. So he would start introducing her to the lifestyle of Luchadores. In which he bestowed a mask to her and told her that she would need to live by the mask and die by the mask. Telling her to never let anyone know who she truly was after he had explained to her what had happened. She understood and still showed love for her father as she came up with the name Lady Tigressa saying it just fit. Tigressa would soon join the academy in the same class as Ariya Shutomaru and Naoya Kitamura, and the first day many of her fellow classmates asked why she wore the mask. Tigressa said it was an extension of her body, to remove it would be as if someone was trying to strip her. The first person who tried to remove her mask was met with a big boot to the face.  In a few years Tigressa would work on not only her speed but her physical strength was just amazing showing off that she was one of the strongest. Along with this she really excelled in zanjutsu and Hakuada techniques, but her kido techniques were terrible, but it didn’t matter since she was more of a physical fighter so she really didn’t need it anyway. Because of her skill and speed she was originally placed in Squad Two but they would soon find out she was not about stealth at all as it was proven  when she was picked up to be apart of the Onmitsukidō’s Executive Militia. The first mission she went on she immediately charged at a hollow and beat it submission by herself and found herself kicked out of Squad 2 and the Onmitsukidō. She would then be noticed by the Kenpachi at the time and joined the ranks of Squad 11 alongside her friend Ariya. But as time would go on Ariya and Tigressa had a bit of a rivalry between each other being the few women apart of Squad 11. Eventually Ariya would become the next Kenpachi and be the of captain Squad 11. Tigressa during this time would continue her training as she knew what she wanted…She wanted the title as Kenpachi and Captain of Squad 11. She would keep training her body until she felt it was the appropriate time and challenged the Captain for their title. During this time Ariya had decided on a captain and had decided that Tigressa would be the best for the job, keeping her friend close but her biggest threat closer. Tigressa accepted the position but both her and Ariya knew...One day it would be them fighting each other to decide who would be Kenpachi.

(More to come later on aka when she becomes Kenpachi)


--“A luchadora never takes off her mask.”

--“A Guerrera family tradition! The Lasso from El Paso!”

-- “Viva la Rasa!”

--“You should come train with my squad. I promise you it will be one of the best workouts you will ever have.”

Random trivia
--Theme song: Boys be a Tiger

--Voice Actor- Rosa Salazar her voice as Copperhead in Batman Arkham Origins



 Shunpo Expert: Mainly uses this to help increase her speed in battles and at times to make it like she was always behind them.

Hakuda Expert: Was basically forced to learn this for her short period of time in Squad Two. She uses a bit of the techniques from time to time but basically melded it with her already present fighting styles to help improve her technique, especially when she is fighting someone who knows of this style.

Lucha Libre Master: Lucha Libre is a wrestling style  which mainly focuses on speed by being able to dodge, jumps in the air, and using your opponents weight against them. With the way she uses this technique of fighting sometimes its as if she is untouchable.

Puroresu Master: Puroresu is a wrestling style which is focused on hard strikes mainly being that of kicks and submission holds.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Master: To say the very least she is a well versed hand to hand combat master, knowing many different styles and such. Which is also one of the main reasons as to why she will always want to fight hand to hand.

Master Swordsman: Though she prefers to fight with her hands more then her zanpakuto she has learned how to fight with a sword well thanks to her training. While using her zanpakuto she is more into using quick movements and strikes to catch her opponent off guard.

Immense Strength: Being known as one of the strongest Soul Reapers does has its advantages. But her strength is well known for actually asking to grapple with one of the four gate keepers of the Seireitei and has reportedly lifted him up with one arm above her head, and he is at a weight of 999 kg (2198 lbs).

Immense Speed: Tigressa is known as one of the fastest soul reapers to date and learning that of shunpo helps her as well. With her being mainly melee based fighter she needs it to be able to dodge long range attacks.

Immense Endurance: With Tigressa's intense training she has over time built up an amazing endurance in battle being able to still stand on her two feet while others would fall to their knees. Just never ask her for endurance training, as it never stops until Tigressa herself cannot go anymore, and that will be a while.

Recovery: Tigressa is almost like that of a cat, which are well known for falling to the ground and still landing on their feet. Tigressa seems to have this ability as well as long as she isn't to beaten down.

Long distances: All of her attacks are close range so if her opponent has an ability to send wave after wave of long range attacks you will have a chance to keep her down.

Teammates: Tigressa is a worry wart when it comes to anyone going out on a mission with her. She is willing to throw herself into an attack meant for someone else no matter how badly damaged she is. Exploit someone with her and she’ll even give up to make sure that they live.


Strength:  7/10
Zanpakuto: 8/10
Endurance: 8/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Agility: 8/10 (Shikai increases her agility by one making it 9/10) (Her Bankai increases her agility by one making it 10/10)
Reiatsu manipulation:2


Name: Tigre Mascaras

Type: Melee

Sealed: Her zanpakuto is in the shape of a katana, her sheath is a dark blue, the hilt of her zanpakuto is a mix of the same dark blue and gold with a repeating diamond pattern, the guard is in the shape of a circle and is black, but inside of the guard is a gold tiger design on it. The blade of her zanpakuto is a light silver.

---Command: "Entra al cuadilatero, Tigre Mascaras!"

---Appearance: Her zanpakuto transforms from a katana to a tiger claw weapon being held together golden metal strip. From time to time small bolts of lightning are going around her zanpakuto. Whenever she strikes the air a golden streak is always seen.

-In shikai form her zanpakuto changes into a weapon in which she has to be in close range. Though with that being said it also has the ability of making all of her attacks quite shocking by having her body imbue herself in a lightning aura which allows her to inflict damage on nearby targets with lightning elemental. Though her zanpakuto is mainly a melee type she can still send out blasts of lightning from her zanpakuto. With this ability its also as if her speed has increased.

-- Tigre Garra: With this attack she just attacks her opponent with an open palm while shouting out, "Tigre Garra!" When she does a large surge of lightning shoots out from her palm straight to her opponent. When she strikes with this its the massive surge of energy is powerful enough to send her and her opponent flying, the only difference usually being her landing on her feet while her opponent lands on the ground with a loud thud.

--Huelga del Tigre: Tigressa is actually able to slash the air and send out a powerful wave of lightning in the shape of three claw marks through the air at her enemy.

Bankai: Will be revealed.
Reiatsu color: Gold

Lady Tigressa Bio
This is a biography of my character Lady Tigressa who at this time is the Lieutenant of Squad 11. She will become Kenpachi eventually but how she does will be revealed in my soon come series, my Bleach series in which I will be writing for.


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